Sovereign To Immortality – C5

Chapter 5 Spirit Fruit

As soon as Yang Junshan finished speaking, not only did Zhang Huzi and company be stunned, even Yang Junping and the others behind him looked at Yang Junshan in surprise and said, “Brother, there are only 30 stone coins!”

Yang Junshan glared at him, then heard a person behind him jump out and curse, “Yang Junshan, you’re not exaggerating. You said thirty stone coins and thirty stone coins each. Can you four take out a hundred and twenty stone coins?”

“Exactly, that’s right!”

The comrades of Zhang Huzi cried out. Even the half-grown children of the seven or eight of the villagers didn’t believe that Yang Junshan could produce a hundred and twenty stone coins. This money was a huge sum to them.

However, Lu Ping took out a bag that was about the same as the black bag of Zhang Huzi. However, it looked much more plump, and it was full of stone coins. It looked like it was full of stones!

Everyone stared blankly at the black purse in Yang Junshan’s hand and sucked in a breath of cold air. They didn’t expect Yang Junshan to dare to take out so many stone coins to fight. He wasn’t afraid of village head Yang finding out his ass?

Yang Junshan looked at Zhang Huzi, who was still stunned, and sneered, “Zhang Huzi, do you dare to bet? If you don’t dare to bet, then give up!”

Zhang Huzi’s face turned dark red. Another comrade jumped out from behind him and said, “Hu Zi, we didn’t bring that much money. We’re not competing with them. More than 100 stone coins, that’s a joke! Uncle Tie knows it!”

Yang Junshan laughed and said, “No more than that? No more than that, as long as you give up and give up! ”

Yang Qianhai, who was at the side, had a look in Yang Junshan’s eyes and cried out, “That’s right, as long as you concede defeat, you’ll be able to run around the village!”

Yang Junshan looked at Zhang Huzi with a funny look. This kid really couldn’t stand the excitement. He roared, “You bet, you don’t have to be complacent. If you lose, you’ll pay me a hundred and twenty stone coins!”

Yang Junshan took the time to say, “Okay, as long as you have the ability to beat me, but then again, you have enough stone coins?” We don’t want credit! ‘

A hesitant look appeared on Zhang Huzi’s face when he heard this. Lu Ping’s heart stirred and he thought to himself, there is indeed a sect. This Zhang Huzi is indeed a rich family.

Sure enough, this Zhiang Huzi’s eyelids fluttered as if he made up his mind. He turned around and called out to his companion who was helping him with his coat. He took out a piece of the jacket and fished it out of his pocket, then fumbled out two fruits the size of an orange orange in Yang Junshan’s astonished eyes.

“Ah, it’s the Zhang family’s Yellow Jade Fruit!”

“I heard that the Zhang family’s Yellow Jade Fruit tree is a medium-grade magic tree. Every year, there are dozens of Yellow Jade Fruits. One Yellow Jade Fruit can be sold for fifty stone coins, and these two are 100 stone coins!”

Yang Junshan’s eyelids picked up. Although he had expected that Zhang Huzi’s background wasn’t any weaker than himself, he had never thought that he would take out two Yellow Jade Fruits.

This Yellow Jade Fruit was a treasure of the Zhang family. Although Zhang Tie lived on iron and iron, he had a good family background. He was a middle-ranking Yellow Jade Fruit tree.

Under Zhang Tie’s meticulous care, the Yellow Jade Fruit tree could hang 30-40 fruits each year. Other than saving it for his use, the remaining Yellow Jade Fruits could be exchanged for a dozen jade coins each year.

It could be said that Zhang Tie didn’t care about the yellow jade fruit tree much better than Yang Tiangang just now about the spirit well in the backyard.

The two Yellow Jade Fruits in Zhiang Huzi’s hands were clearly used by Zhang Tie for his son’s assistance in cultivation. Thinking about this, Yang Junshan’s heart was also burning. These two Yellow Jade Fruits were of great benefit to his cultivation.

Zhiang Huzi, who took out two Yellow Jade Fruits, immediately exclaimed, “These two fruits are worth a hundred stone coins. In addition to the fifty stone coins here, there are a total of one hundred and fifty pieces.

“You five, we four, why do you want us to pay a hundred and fifty stone coins?”

However, Yang Junshan waved his hand and said, “Alright, one hundred and fifty pieces of stone coins, we bet!”

Seeing that Zhang Huzi took out 150 stone coins, Yang Junshan also counted out 150 stone coins from the purse and said to Zhang Huzi, “Let’s leave the stone coins in the custody of an unrelated person. Whoever wins, take all the stone coins.”

Zhang Huzi hesitated for a moment. He saw that Yang Junshan had already tossed the purse to one of the seven or eight youths who had come to watch the fight. “Xu Lei, what do you do with us? Who wins?”

Xu Lei and Yang Junshan both were twelve years old. Among the ten people in the village, there were three Xu, Xu was the number one first-name in the village, and from the crowd, the current family head was Xu Lei’s mother Xu Sanniang.

Although there were many people in the Xu family, but there were no experts who had always been able to calm down, they had always been in conflict with their position as the number one clan in the village of Tu Qiu. The only warrior in the martial arts realm was a woman.

Seeing that Yang Junshan was actually looking for him as a person, Xu Lei was stunned for a moment before he felt a burst of joy. There were so many people present, and this Yang Junshan only sought out his opponent. This made Xu Lei’s vanity a great deal of satisfaction, and also allowed him to consolidate his position as a younger generation youth in the village.

At this moment, Xu Lei saw that Zhang Huzi was still hesitating. Could it be that he was wondering if he would be greedy for the stone coins in his hands or despise himself?

Xu Lei couldn’t help but feel a bit unhappy in his heart. Although he handed the purse over to Xu Lei a moment later, it was still in Xu Lei’s mind.

He was already refining the second Immortal Spirit Holes, but what others didn’t know was that Zhang Tie, father of Zhang Tie, had bought a medium quality Immortal Spirits with the jade coins he had been painstakingly saving for the past few years. He had earned a medium-grade Immortal Spirit, although it was of inferior quality to him. Moreover, it didn’t match the cultivation technique that Zhang Huzi practiced, but compared to most people who could only use one Immortal Spirit energy, it was already an enviable business.

Thinking up to this point, Zhang Huzi’s confidence skyrocketed, and his hands clenched into fists in front of his chest. The skin of his left hand, which had just begun to condense the second Immortal Spiritual Hole, was darker than the skin of his right hand.

“Yang Junshan, this time you’re dead!”

The four partners behind Zhang Huzi all had expressions of excitement on their faces. They all cheered up, while Yang Junping and the other two showed a hint of worry. Only Yang Junshan didn’t care about the threat of Zhang Huzi in the slightest.

The disdain of Yang Junshan caused Zhang Huzi to fly into a rage. He grabbed his left hand, and his right fist slightly shrank. He charged at Yang Junshan.

This was a pose of forging iron. His left hand was holding the artifact, and his right fist was ready to strike at any moment. He was preparing to strike down with his hammer, as if he was using Yang Junshan as a piece of metal.

Yang Junshan realized that this was the “Hammer Fist” that Zhang Tie had passed on to his family. It was also a low-level body refining fist technique. With Zhang Tie’s second Immortal Aura, he had to call out the Perfection of the Spirit. Zhang Tie was confident that as soon as he hit, he would lose!

In fact, his guess was probably not bad, but it had to be based on the fact that he could really beat Yang Junshan. His fist hadn’t fallen down yet, but suddenly, a flower appeared in front of his eyes.

Zhiang Huzi sneered in his heart. He thought that he could hide from this? His left hand abruptly turned around, chasing after the shadow that had flashed past Yang Junshan.

However, the grip on his left hand was suddenly pulled off by Yang Junshan’s extended arm.

This guy’s strength was not small. He felt a shock in his heart and felt that the moment he opened his wrist, the other hand of Yang Junshan grabbed onto his left wrist and twisted his back at his back!

Do you want a wrestle?

Zhang Huzi’s left hand formed a fist and tried to break free. He couldn’t help but use this year to awaken the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth that the Immortal Spirit Hole had accumulated. Immediately, Yang Junshan felt a tremendous force from his twisted left arm, and even started to shake off his fingers, about to break free.

But just at that time, Yang Junshan suddenly channeled all of the spirit energy within his Immortal Spiritual Holes that he had refined over the year. Although there were only a few of these, the purity of the spiritl energy condensed from the Immortal Spirit was much more refined than the spirit energy gathered by Zhang Huzi.

As the spirit energy circulated in his hands, Yang Junshan grabbed a few key meridians on Zhang Huzi’s arm according to his previous memories. Zhiang Huzi felt his spirit energy in his body turn sluggish and his arms were too weak to bring up any strength.

Then, Zhang Huzi pushed his body back from his back and kicked his butt again. He couldn’t control himself anymore and fell to the ground.

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