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Chapter 4 Partners

Yang Junshan quickly ran into his cabin, took out a wooden box under his pillow and gently shook it. The sound of “Huala, Huala” echoed inside.

Yang Junshan opened the wooden box, and there was also a surge of spiritual aura that was not weaker than the aura from jade coin. However, Yang Junshan could clearly sense that although the amount of spiritual aura in the wooden box was not weak, but it was less pure than the aura from jade coin.

Inside, there was half a box of glowing stone coins. These coins were all the money that Yang Junshan had saved for the past two years. He counted, there were 103 coins. Including the jade coin, It was only worth 203 stone coins, the price of two buckets of spiritual grain. However, he could buy twenty buckets of ordinary grains, it was enough for Yang Junshan to live for half a year.

Among the contemporarys of the village, Yang Junshan was quite wealthy, but now, inside his twelve years old body, there was a hundred years old soul, what could he do with only two hundred stone coins!

Han Xiumei was urging Yang Junshan to eat breakfast, so he reluctantly put the wooden box down, he would go to the fair later to see if he could buy some useful things with it.

When Yang Junsan was just walking out of the cabin, he was grabbed by his second brother Yang Junping. Yang Junping looked nervous, Yang Junshan asked, “Mom asked us to eat, what’s wrong?”

Yang Junping said, “You forget that you will help me teach Zhang Hu Zi a lesson. Today, I’ve made an appointment with him. If you go to the fair after a while, who will deal with him? I’m not his opponent even with Brother Qianhai and Brother Baoliang. I’ve heard that he’s almost succeeded in cultivating the second Immortal Spiritual Hole, and his strength has increased to nearly two times. If he succeeded in refining the second Immortal Spiritual Hole, his strength would be even greater!”

At this time, Yang Junshan had no intention of participating in the fight between children. He said, “Find him and delay the date. When I get back from the fair, I will beat him until he has to find his teeth!”

However, after he said that, Yang Junshan was stunned. He seemed to have done something like this in his previous life. He seemed to have rejected his second brother just like this too, but his stubborn brother finally ended up in a fight and actually defeated. After that, they didn’t talk much in a few months.

However, at that time, Yang Junshan’s confidence had been greatly affected when returning from the Hundred Sparrows Mountain. He had been decadent for a while and hadn’t even noticed his brother’s situation.

After that, Yang Junshan’s position in the contemporarys had fallen because of his battle fright. But at that time, Yang Junshan had no time to care about that much.

Yang Junping felt anxious when he saw his brother ignoring him, but he was afraid that Han Xiumei would heared them, so he was not dare to shout but whispered, “We’ve bet on this fight. If we don’t go, then we lose.”

When he heard that, Yang Junshan stopped and asked, “Little brat, how dare you make a bet with your big brother’s money. Tell me, how much did you bet on?”

Yang Junping awkwardly said, “Ten stone coins, plus Brother Qianhai and Brother Baoliang’s money, thirty stone coins in total. Zhang Huzi bet on with thirty stone coins too. Who wins, who take away the other’s.”

Yang Junshan rolled his eyes and said, “You made a bet with my money but I got nothing. No, I want half of the money if you win!”

Yang Junping’s expression was joyful as he said, “Brother, you’re not going to the fair?”

Yang Junshan humphed and said, “It won’t take long to defeating the bastard Zhang Huzi. After breakfast, you can ask him out, we can beat him down in the time of burning an incense stick, then I can still go to the fair with dad.”

Yang Junping obviously didn’t believe him, “Burning an incense stick?”

Yang Junshan couldn’t bear to see his brother’s disbelieving gaze, so he said, “What, you don’t trust me? All right, I’m not going to do it, you can find a way by yourself!”

Yang Junping hurriedly grabbed Yang Junshan, who was preparing to leave, and said, “I trust you, but brother, how about ten stone coins if we win?”

“Get away!”

When Yang Tiangang was checking the horse-carry beast, Yang Junshan and Yang Junping left their home after eating the spiritual rice and spiritual cakes.

Yang Junping complained, “I ate too much. Why did Mom make spiritual rice today? How can I fight with Zhang Huzi with so many food inside?”

Yang Junshan laughed at him, “You ate the most, like you were a hungry ghost.”

Yang Qianhai and Yang Baoliang were about the same age as Yang Junshan and his brother. They were playmates. Both Yang Qianhai and Yang Junshan were twelve years old, Qianhai was rated as a fifth-grade talent, even worse than Junshan. Yang Baoliang was one year younger, he was a fourth-grade talent with two Immortal Spiritual Holes, just like Yang Junshan.

Their farthers, Yang Tieniu and Yang Qingniu, were the branch family members of the Yang family in Qing Shi Town of Chen Yu County. They had made friends with Yang Tiangang since they were kids, they were actually Yang Tiangang’s partners. Three years ago, Yang Tiangang split from the family. The family planned for him to become the head of Tu Qiu village, Huang Tu town, Meng Yu county. Yang Tieniu and Yang Qingniu came here with him.

Yang Tiangang took the position of the village head, except his strength in second stage of the Worrior Realm, he depend on the support of these two brothers.

The four boys met under the big pagoda tree in the west of the village, Yang Qianhai and Yang Baoliang had both started cultivating. However, their cultivation methods were all the Earth Covering Magic Formula that the branch family members of Yang Family could cultivate, which was in lower stage of the Earth Covering Spiritual Formula and the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula.

Yang Tieniu had found a low-grade Immortal Spirit for Yang Qianhai with Yang Tiangang’s help, Yang Qianhai’s Immortal Spiritual Hole was at the bottom of his feet, and he was currently working on refining the Immortal Spirit, so his steps seemed a bit strange. And with his lowest-grade aptitude, he probably wouldn’t be able to refine it very soon. This bizarre walking posture would probably last for a long time.

Yang Qianhai looked at Yang Junshan for a while, then his expression was filled with joy, “Brother Shan, you look different. Did you start using the Earth Yellow Stone that Uncle Yang found for you to refine the Immortal Spiritual Holes? If that’s the case, we are definitely going to win.”

Yang Junshan said, “It’s just Zhang Huzi, I was able to make him cry a year ago, and now I can still beat him until he loses his teeth!”

Yang Baoliang was one year younger than Yang Junshan, but his stature was no different from Junshan’s, just a bit thin. He said worriedly, “Brother Shan, Zhang Huzi used Black Iron Spirit to refine the Immortal Spiritual Hole in his right hand after losing to you a year ago. I heard he has doubled his strength, can break the sandbag with one blow. You should be careful.”

When he heard this, Yang Junshan smiled. Doubling the strength might be true, but breaking the sandbag would be a joke. However, it was possible if Zhang Huzi hit the sandbag in the same place continuously.

The “battlefield” was the threshing ground in the north of the village. Zhang Huzi and his group of five had already been waiting. And there were seven or eight contemporaries, obviously, they came here for a show.

When he saw Yang Junshan’s group arriving, Zhang Huzi and his group immediately shouted out, “Yang Junshan, are you guys scared? We thought you wouldn’t dare to come! “

Zhang Huzi was in the same age as Yang Junshan, but his stature was huge. Not only was he half-head taller than Yang Junshan, he was much bigger too.

Zhang Huzi’s father, Zhang Tie, was the best blacksmith in the village, so he was also called Blacksmith Zhang. He could make low-grade magic tools, was also one of the few experts of Worrior Realm in Tu Qiu village, so he had a great prestige in the village.

Previously, when Yang Tiangang arrived in the village, Zhang Tie was a strong candidate for the village head. he had run around for a while. But he was defeated by Yang Tiangang. As a result, the two families had been hostile to each other. When Yang Tiangang found the spiritual well, Zhang Tie was one of the people in the village who was leading the trouble.

When Yang Junshan saw Zhang Huzi standing in the center of the threshing ground, he decided not showing any signs of weakness. He quickly walked up, shaking his hands in disdain, “Zhang Huzi, is your skin itched again? You couldn’t wait to get punched again, right? Did you forget what happened one year ago?

Zhang Huzi’s face turned red. One year ago, they fought on this threshing ground, and it was because when Zhang Huzi learned that Yang Junshan was just a fourth-grade talent, he mocked Yang Junshan. But at the end, he was actually crying out loud, that made him become a joke in the contemporaries.

This time, Zhang Huzi came back for revenge. He had already found out that Yang Junshan had not used the Immortal Spirit to refine the Immortal Spiritual Holes. Zhang Huzi had successfully refined the first Immortal Spiritual Hole in his right hand with his third-grade talent and the middle-grade Immortal Spirit “Black Iron Spirit”, he was confident that he would be able to take revenge.

Unexpectedly, when them just met, Yang Junshan talked about the scandal of one year ago. Zhang Huzi’s eyes immediately turned red. He shouted and rushed over to fight with Yang Junping.

Yang Junshan said, “Hold it!”

Zhang Huzi brandished his fist, which was even darker than his skin, and shouted, “What, Yang Junshan, are you scared?”

Yang Junshan glanced at Zhang Huzi’s right fist, which looked like it was covered with a layer of iron. “Hehe,” he smiled and said, “Who’s afraid, but what about the stone coins that we agreed to bet on? What if you lose and repudiate the debt.”

Zhang Huzi’s eyes widened in anger as he shouted, “I will pay the debt! Take the stone coins out! “

A companion behind Zhang Huzi threw a small black bag to him. Zhang Huzi pulled the bag and said, “Look, thirty stone coins. What about yours?”

Yang Qianhai was just about to hand over the thirty stone coins they gathered, but he saw that Yang Junshan’s expression became astonished. Junshan said, “Eh, why are there only thirty stone coins? Didn’t we say that everyone bet thirty stone coins? You five should bet one hundred and fifty stone coins!”

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