Sovereign To Immortality – C2 – Spiritual Formula

Chapter 2 – Spiritual Formula

At night, Yang Junshan quietly came to the well in the vegetable garden.

The rim of the well was made of blue stone, with windlass above. When he looked at the bottom of the well, a cold feeling suddenly filled the air, making Yang Junshan feel refreshing.

This well had been made by Yang Tiangang’s family when they moved to the village. Yang Tiangang used the power of his family to plunder the position of village head. After the field dividing, Yang Tiangang made three wells for irrigation in his fields.

What Yang Tiangang didn’t expect was that his luck seemed to be getting better after the family split. When he digged the third well, he suddenly felt a faint spiritual energy from the well water!

That’s terrific.

Although the spiritual energy in this well was really weak, it was difficult for a spirit farmer of Tu Qiu village to estimate the value of this spiritual well.

The spirit farmers of Tu Qiu village, who had been hostile to Yang Tiangang because he had plundered the position of village head, had jointly organized a heavy fight for this spiritual well.

Using the cultivation of the second stage Demon-killing Energy of the Warrior Realm, with the help of his wife Han Xiumei who had the cultivation of the fifth stage Conducting Immortal Magic of the Mortal Realm and his two brothers, and the magic tool Tobacco Pot, Yang Tiangang smashed two people’s front teeth, four people’s scapulas, five people’s arms and one people’s thigh. This was enough to scare the entire village. Not only he kept the spiritual well, but also obtained the name of the number one expert in the village. No one dared to covet his position any more.

After that, Yang Tiangang set up his home beside this spiritual well, protected it day and night. This well had beaome the Yang family’s house treasure.

Because of water of the spiritual well, Yang Tiangang could always harvested more spiritual grain than others. That’s how their life became better in three years.

One year ago, Yang Junshan returned home in Chen Yu County to participate the talent test. He had two Immortal Spiritual Holes, and he was rated as a fourth grade talent. That was really not good.

The innate talent was the first threshold for cultivators to enter the world of cultivation. Although this threshold was not a decisive factor of the ultimate limit of a cultivator, it was still regarded as a matter of importance.

In general, there were only two types of innate talent. One was that they had Spiritual Holes inside their bodies, so they could absorb spiritual energy from the world. The other kind of people who didn’t have Spiritual Holes and couldn’t cultivate themselves. From this point of view, Yang Junshan was fortunate that he had two Spiritual Holes in his body.

However, a person with Spiritual Holes in the body would actually be able to ratted into five levels according to the number of Spiritual Holes. One could only have five Spiritual Holes, and this kind of talent was naturally the best. From this point of view, Yang Junshan’s fourth grade talent was only a bit stronger than the lowest grade.

After cultivating for a year, Yang Junshan managed to catch the faint spiritual energy in the air and bring it into his body. This was the first stage of the Mortal Realm: Leading In the Spiritual Aura.

At this moment, Yang Junshan sat cross-legged on the blue stone beside the well. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the two Immortal Spiritual Holes in his body. He tried to awaken the Immortal Spiritual Holes by capturing the spiritual energy from the well. This was the second stage of the Mortal Realm: Calling the Immortal Spirit.

However, Yang Junshan was still far from entering the second stage of the Mortal Realm. In fact, with Yang Junshan’s fourth grade talent, it would take a long time to reach the second stage of the Mortal Realm just by leading in the spiritual energy.

Therefore, he needed to use immortal spiritual items to shorten the time of reaching second stage, and this was the origin of the name of Calling the Immortal Spirit.

In his previous life, Yang Junshan was not willing to accept his rank as a fourth grade talent. He had been practicing archery for a year, preparing to enter the Hundred Sparrows Mountain hunting after a year, but he had almost died from a wild boar’s attack. However, it wasn’t that he didn’t have any gains. In the end, he returned home with a low grade Immortal Spirit, and finally refined the Earth Yellow Stone to cultivate to the second stage.

This time when Yang Junshan went to the Hundred Sparrows Mountain again, he would not be as miserable as he was in the previous life. In fact, he had a great plan for this trip.

However, although Yang Junshan had only three days, he still tried to increase his strength.

The Mortal Realm was divided into five stages, the first stage of Leading In the Spiritual Aura, the second stage of Calling the Immortal Spirit, the third stage of Opening the Spiritual Hole, the fourth stage of laying the Immortal Root, the fifth stage of Conducting Immortal Magic. Even Yang Junshan had cultivated for a year, he had only just mastered the second stage of Calling the Immortal Spirit, and he was still far from reaching the Perfection Stage.

The Yang family had their own family’s cultivation method, called the “Earth Covering Spiritual Formula”. Legends said that it was simplified from the Heaven Shaking Sect’s magic formula “Earth Covering Treasure Formula”. Nobody knew if it’s true or not, but this Spiritual Formula was spread by the various powers in the Heaven Shaking Sect.

Yang Junshan was the direct descendant of the Yang family in the Qing Shi town of Chen Yu County. Although he had a lower cultivation talent, he could still learn the Earth Covering Spiritual Formula. If he was not a direct descendant of the Yang family, he could only learn the Earth Covering Magic Formula in the lower stage.

Yang Junshan had been taught by Yang Tiangang since he started cultivating the Earth Covering Spiritual Formula. Yang Junshan was neither lazy nor diligent, but he only had a fourth grade talent. After a year, he could only barely reach the first stage of cultivation, so he paid more attention to the immortal spiritual items in the Hundred Sparrows Mountain hunting.

For this world’s cultivators, the innate talent was an important part in the cultivation process, but it was not decisive. How far could a cultivator go in the cultivation world depened on multiple factors. After over a hundred years of experience in his previous life, Yang Junshan was now able to fully utilize it, making himself to travel further than in the dreaming world.

But at this time, Yang Junshan was not cultivating the “Earth Covering Spiritual Formula” of Yang family. It was a cultivation method that Yang Junshan had obtained from the surviving Heaven Shaking Sect disciples in his memories. It’s called the “Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula”, Yang Junshan wanted to replace the spiritual energy from “Earth Covering Spiritual Formula” by the spiritual energy from “Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula”. Otherwise, it would be difficult to change his cultivation methods when he reached the stage of Calling the Immortal Spirit.

Magic formula couldn’t compare to spiritual formula. There was also legendary treasure formula above the spiritual formula.

After cultivating the Earth Covering Magic Formula, one could cultivate the Earth Covering Spiritual Formula of higher stage, then Earth Covering Treasure Formula. The last one was a cultivation method that was even one stage higher than the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula.

The “Earth Covering Spiritual Formula” of Yang family and the “Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula “ which Yang Junshan was cultivating were both inherited from the Heaven Shaking Sect, but they were two separate cultivation methods.

The Earth Covering Treasure Formula was an higher stage cultivation method than the Earth Covering Spiritual Formula. However, it was a secret of Heaven Shaking Sect. The Yang family tried to get it for several times, but failed. After all, they were just a local rich family.

According to the cultivator who taught Yang Junshan the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula in his previous life, there was the Fifth Earth Treasurel Formula in higher stage. Although it was under the Earth Covering Treasure Formula in Heaven Shaking Sect, but also a secret.

The stages of the cultivation methods were based on the extreme limits of cultivation. According to the difference in depth and difficulty, the cultivation methods in the same stage were also have difference levels.

With the example of the Earth Covering Treasure Formula and the Fifth Earth Treasure Formula, both of them were the Heaven Shaking Sect’s cultivation methods. Cultivator could reach the Immortal Realm with both of them, but the cultivation process of the former was relatively faster and easier, so it was rated as the middle grade of Treasure Formulas.

However, the latter’s cultivation process was famously slow in the Heaven Shaking Sect, and there were many harsh conditions. It could be considered as an extremely difficult existence in the Heaven Shaking Sect’s cultivation methods. Therefore, almost no one in the Heaven Shaking Sect was willing to cultivate the Fifth Earth Treasurel Formula, so it could only be rated as inferior.

However, from the Heaven Shaking Sect disciple that taught him the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula in his previous life, Yang Junshan knew that the Fifth Earth Treasure Formula was connected with a cultivation formula in higher stage in Heaven Shaking Sect’s lengend. This complete set of inheritance was the orthodox cultivation formulas of the Heaven Shaking Sect. However, that higher stage formula had never been discovered in the Heaven Shaking Sect, which caused missing in the entire inheritance. This was also the reason why few disciples of the Heaven Shaking Sect were willing to cultivate the Fifth Earth Treasure Formula.

However, this cultivation formula appeared when the Heaven Shaking Sect was destroyed. But it was quickly shattered in the struggle and finally lost.

As the night breeze blew, Yang Junshan cultivated diligently on the blue stone beside the well. The meager amount of spiritual energy that he had accumulated within his body for a year was assimilated by the spiritual energy condensed by the new spiritual formula. And because of the new spiritual formula, the original spiritual energy was only half after being condensed.

Yang Junshan smiled wryly to himself. This was the reason why the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula was not accepted. A large amount of spiritual energy was condensed as much as possible. Compared to other spiritual formulas, the cultivation depth would be much smaller. It’s hard to imagine the difficulties of cultivating the Fifth Earth Treasure Formula.

However, Yang Junshan also quickly discovered that the spiritual energy condensed from the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula was also several times thicker than before. This meant that in the future, if the two sides used the same magic, Yang Junshan would be even more powerful than his opponent with lesser consuming.

Of course, the absorption of the spiritual energy was extremely fast when cultivating the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula. In Yang Junshan’s estimation, the amount of spiritual energy absorbed would be at least a quarter bigger than the previous one. However, once it was condensed by the Fifth Earth Spiritual Formula, it was still slower than cultivating the latter.

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