Against the Gods – 1148 – Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor

Please Note:

I will no longer update this series, because I have received legal complaints from Wuxiaworld, forwarded by

However, my friends Shawn and BlueBamboos started new serieses: The Magic Thief (魔盗) and Sovereign to Immortality (仙路至尊). The stories are fascinating; besides, none of them are being translated on the Internet, so they are fresh.

Enjoy them!

7 thoughts on “Against the Gods – 1148 – Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor

  1. Why poach translations? There are other good novels out there. Build your own following rather than steal someone else’s.

    1. Poach?! Steal?!

      No, I COMPETE.

      I guess you came from Wuxiaworld and should know the problems there: the translator simply made too many excuses for his unreliable updates.

      So, I believe a competition is helpful. Don’t you agree with me?

      1. Did Wuxiaworld show their license? Or they just “say” that they are licensed.

        To be honest, I was shocked when I saw this notice.

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